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Sun protection campaign

In 2017, I participated in the sun protection campaign “Disfruta del Sol sin dejarte la piel” led by Magdalena de Troya, head of the dermatology department at Hospital Costa del Sol.

I gave a speech about skin cancer and its prevention to the staff at the Montebello Clinic in Benalmadena. Afterwards, the dermatologist Alexandra Perea Polak and I came to the clinic once a week to check Danes for skin cancer.

I also participated in the TV programme “Llegó la hora” on TV-channel 101 together with the Danish consul, Marisa Moreno Castillo, and dermatologist Magdalena de Troya.

Here you can watch clips from the programme and the speech:

  • “Llegó la hora”, TV programme:

fotoprotección solarfotoprotección solar
  • Speech at Montebello Clinic:

Help a Dane is an information campaign by the Danish cancer organization “Kræftens bekæmpelse”. It seeks to raise awareness of the risk of sunburn. They have made some quite funny campaign videos. You can watch the videos through the links below:

Help a dane – Spanish version:

Help a small dane:

Articles from the Spanish press:

  • La campaña de fotoprotección 2017 ha logradollegar a unos 3.700 escolares, 2.500 bañistas y 12.000 daneses a través dedistintas estrategias llevadas a cabo en el ámbito comunitario.,-2.500-banistas-y-12.000-daneses-a-traves-de-distintas-estrategias-llevadas-a-cabo-en-el-ambito-comunitario#.XpwkjI3tY0M

  • La campaña de fotoprotección 2017 presenta unas jornadas dirigidas a población escandinava de la Costa del Sol.

Get more information:

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