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Individual counseling and treatment of skin diseases

Check your MOLES

Finding a melanoma before it spreads is essential

Ask for your annual check-up

ONCOLOGICAL dermatology

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers

Don't postpone its treatment

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Articles written by me

I have had the great pleasure of writing a few articles for the Scandinavian magazines on Costa del Sol. They deal with how to protect your skin in the sun:

Protect yourself against the sun (in Danish)

Nordic skin under southern sun – a dermatologist´s perspective (in Swedish)

In addition, I have written or participated in medical articles for scientific magazines, including:

Image Gallery: Complete remission of aggressive desmoid-type fibromatosis after low-dose methotrexate for 2 weeks in a child with psoriasis. British Journal of Dermatology. 2016.

A serpiginous, itchy rash on the foot.  Cleveland Clinical Journal of  Medicine. 2016.

Multiple hyperpigmented patches on a dark-skinned patient. Australian Family Physician. 2017.

Article published in the magazine “Un lugar de Encuentro”, July 2020

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